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Resume July, 2003


Mission: To provide world-class production service, with a consistently professional appearance, a cooperative, friendly environment, and experience from over eleven years of successful broadcast and corporate theater productions.


Work History: Freelancing full-time for over seven years


Freelance ENG/EFP Camera (6/94 10/98)

Denchs Video Services  Louisville, KY (502) 239-0229

Chief photographer for multi-cam, live-to-tape field production. Denchs received twenty-four national awards during my four years with the company. I owe a great deal to Tim Dench for sharing his knowledge of working out of the truck instead of the air-conditioned studio I came from. I was on the road with Denchs for four years, in some of the most difficult venues, and on every show I learned a solution to a new challenge. ($15-$30/hr)


News Editor (6/96 2/97)

WHAS-11  Louisville, KY

Top 50 ABC affiliate. I cut for the 5:30pm and eleven oclock newscasts. This position was my introduction to offline BetaSP, and non-linear on the Avid Newscutter. I learned how to work under intense pressure and time constraints. While I really appreciate and value the experience, I soon realized that television news wasnt where I wanted to be. ($8/hr)


Freelance Editor / ENG Camera (6/94 3/96)

Ford Motor Company, KTP  Louisville, KY

Challenging and rewarding two-year contract to document construction of the $650M Commercial Light Truck expansion. Responsibilities included ENG coverage of large-scale, heavy-industrial excavation, construction, and tooling of the 3,000,000 sq. ft. facility. Cut monthly reports on video which included aerial shots, track and dolly shots, and time-lapse footage. Complete post-production responsibilities from script to screen with music bed and v/o describing construction progress, recent tooling installations, and projections for completion. Completed the project by producing a music video How to Build a Truck which featured a closing highway shot of 25 F-350s which was shown at the North American Dealers Conference in Toronto. I learned how to work effectively in the most severe heavy-construction environment, and how to work closely with those at the executive level to determine project vision and requirements. ($15-$25/hr)


Technical Director (6/92 6/94)

WJYL-26  Louisville, KY

My first job in the industry. I learned to work as a floor director, operate a studio camera, focus lights, work in master control, and quickly moved into directing my second year helping produce a one-hour live talk show. I couldnt have asked for a better first job in the industrythe thrills and demands of live television. ($5-$10/hr)

Show Credits Include

  • American Bankers Association
  • Barnes and Noble
  • BMW (The New 7 Series Ride & Drive Launch, 2002)
  • Brooks and Dunn 'LIVE'
  • Comptel (keynote by Sen. John Glenn, and Goo Goo Dolls LIVE)
  • Court TV (Cold Case Files)
  • Days Inn Intl Franchisees Conf. (keynote by former president George Bush)
  • The Discovery Channel (16 days: Columbia's Final Mission)
  • ExxonMobil (C.O.R.S. 2002)
  • ESPN 2 (IHRA Nationals)
  • Freightliner
  • Ford Finance (Awards Dinner at Universal Studios)
  • Ford Motor Co. (2yr $650M CLT Expansion Documentation & Training)
  • General Motors (2000 & 2002 Southeast Dealers Conference)
  • GlaxoSmithKlien
  • Honda Marine (Dealer Business Meeting, Boca Raton, FL 2003)
  • IBM (Summit 2001)
  • Infocomm '99 (Keynote by Dick Clark)
  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (2001 Annual Meeting)
  • Kinkos (2002 Kickoff)
  • Kodak (Advantix Launch)
  • MCI (SB Direct)
  • Microsoft (TechEd2000)
  • N.A.R.M. 2001(Hosted by Casey Kasem, with Blue Man Group and Rod Stewart 'LIVE')
  • National Football League (2002 Annual Meeting)
  • Novartis (Presentation Coordinator, Novartis Consensus Summit Meetings, 2003)
  • Novo Nordisk (Novo Nordisk University, Orlando 2003)
  • Phoenix 150th Anniversary (keynote by Hugh Downs)
  • Quiznos Subs (2000 Franchisees Conference)
  • QVC Local (For Race Fans Only w/Dale Ernhardt, Jr.)
  • Remax (2002 International Conference)
  • Rentway (1999 Sales Conference)
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Starlight Intl. (keynote by Robert Wagner)
  • Stevie Wonder 'LIVE'
  • Tony Robbins Personal Power Conference
  • Universal Studios (Men in Black- Alien Attack Charity Fundraiser)


New Albany High School     English, Computer Science, 1990      New Albany, IN

Indiana University                 Communications, 1992                       New Albany, IN


AVHQ Dallas, Mr. Rich Donovan


StoryHouse Productions, Ms. Rebecca Toth


Jack Vince Productions,  Mr. Jack Vince                                                                                


Mē OnStage, Mr. Roger E. Latta, Jr.                                                                     


Henninger Productions, Ms. Christina Bavetta                                                              

After graduating high school in 1990, I decided to pursue a degree in Communications from Indiana University. My parents were both alumni, and IU ranks in the top twenty nationally. It's a great place to grow and learn.

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