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Benjamin Dean

I've worked hard since 1992 to develop the skills and services that clients need for high-end production. I also have the "A-List" crew and talent contacts locally. I'll be happy to conduct site surveys, coordinate labor, and price shop for any last minute cross rentals you need. I'll even pick up, deliver, operate, and return gear. All with zero overhead and at no additional cost to you.
That's the difference you'll experience with me-- I work hard to make your show a success long before the first day we load in.

400lb dolly? No problem :)


Get moving... add the perfectly smooth rolling shots that only a Chapman dolly can provide. I'll pick up, deliver, operate, and return for about half what it would normally cost. You bring the donuts.



Projection can easily make or break a show. It's one of the most critical aspects of your production, and demands a projectionist who:

  • is familiar with exact power requirements of high-end projectors
  • can quickly triangulate placement of projector for any fixed or zoom lens
  • has a firm grasp of component video engineering
  • can quickly and safely replace lamps and recalibrate 

I work primarily with several major manufacturers including  Barco and Christie Digital Systems (Roadsters and Roadies).

Don't end up seeing dark screens, or smelling smoke on your next show...

Call me today.

Christie Digital's Roadie S12... Good Choice...


I used to roll tape for news... what a life!

Digital Betacam (Sony dvwa500)


You can trust me with the most complicated and demanding show.

I work well as a tape op because I practice good work habits. Verifying audio level and quality, rolling daily test records, and monitoring audio quality continuously throughout the show (yes that means wearing a clearcom headset AND cans, but it ensures (for example) that you won't have the entire second half of your program include the A1 accidentally cueing up and not realizing he's sending it to records.

In 1994, I would roll an average of 25 BetaSP tape rolls in four decks through the course of a 27 minute newscast every night as a news editor for a top 50 ABC affilliate (WHAS 11).

Your client wants tight roll-cues? as well as ISO's and a switched recording of the show? And they want clean audio? When you book me, you'll have ALL of it... EVERY time... NO excuses...


DVcam (Sony DSR 1500)


ScreenProPlus Operator/V1: $500/day

Folsom ScreenPro Plus


Directing "live" television ("Celebration", WJYL 26, 1992) for over two years taught me alot about the concentration, anticipation, and quick decisions necessary to be a good TD.

Now, with the Folsom ScreenProPlus (shown above), I can AFFORDABLY component & native switch up to 16 sources (Camera, Tape, PC or Mac up to UXGA 1600 x 1200) WITH ONE BOX. This impressive new switcher automatically scales each input to the native resolution or 'sweet spot' of your projectors, and allows seamless broadcast-quality switching (wipe and mix) across THREE screens. I can fill an entire cyclorama as your back stage drop with a ScreenProPlus and three 6K+ lumen projectors. One word: IMMERSIVE.


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"The best single camera shoot I've ever seen... Thank you!"
Charles M. Trotter
Bartsch Trotter & Associates
Venice California

Experience counts when you're building a camera.

Ikegami HK 388

(ENG, HH, Studio)

Will your show look like the networks, or a high-school video class? Too many times shows look bad simply because the wrong person was put behind the camera.

"A Cameraman's A Cameraman"

is about as true as

"A Camera's a Camera"

Appearance is everything, and today's Fortune 500 clients demand world-class shows. When you book me, you have ten years of professional studio and EFP experience behind the camera.

  • precision set-up and BALANCING
  • responsive & quick PICKUPS
  • accurate follow FOCUS
  • quick and effective FRAMING
  • smooth, broadcast-quality DYNAMICS

I have extensive experience with sports lenses, including the Emmy award winning Canon 70X Digital.



Interpersonal skills a must...

Presentation Graphics Designer & Operator

Recently I worked on a PowerPoint presentation with the director of the Human Genome project. The presentation contained several animations, and was incredibly graphics intensive. Every other slide had a complex scripted build sequence. I was able to follow his cues through a barrage of bio-techno-babble.  I had worked with him once before on a biology show. He's one of the more interesting presenters I've worked with. 
Most presenters are very concerned about who's running their presentation backstage. Besides understanding the software involved in presentations, I've learned how to listen to, and effectively work with the most anxious of presenters to help reassure them they're in good hands so they can make an effective presentation.
I'm also able to make any last-minute changes necessary, including image editing in photoshop & illustrator, and make them FAST. You can also trust me with complete creative services for your presentation, from concept to reality.


Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!


Ever feel like you're going to lose it? Let me take some of the weight off your shoulders by working as a project manager on your next show. I can arrange equipment rental, book crew and talent, and perform any number of tasks to make your job easier. And my pre-pro services are included in my dayrate for the show. You can trust me to make it happen, and make it look like a million dollars on a gold platter.

SMPTE Color Bars (with pluge marks)

"It's not that video
is not art.
But to me, film is oil painting and video
is like clay or watercolors."

PAT HEALY, director

Construction Divider 2

Preparation, Anticipation, Performance... Prepare for every contingency, Anticipate potential challenges, and World-Class Performance.
My goal is a perfect show every time...

Working with the right people can make all the difference...