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Benjamin Dean
On-Line Resume

Resume 7/2002

Mission: To provide clients with world-class production services, with a consistently professional appearance, an upbeat positive attitude, and experience from  ten years of successful broadcast and field production work. 

Work History: Freelancing full-time for over seven years

 Freelance ENG/EFP Camera (6/94 10/98)

Denchs Video Services  Louisville, KY (502) 239-0229

Chief photographer for multi-cam, live-to-tape field production. Denchs received twenty-four national awards during my three years with the company. I owe a great deal to Tim Dench for sharing his knowledge of working out of the truck instead of the air-conditioned studio I came from. I was on the road with Denchs for four years, in some of the most difficult venues, and on every show I learned a solution to a new challenge. ($15-$30/hr)

News Editor (6/96 2/97)

WHAS-11 (ABC)  Louisville, KY

Top 50 ABC affiliate. I cut for the 5:30pm and eleven oclock newscasts. This position was my introduction to offline BetaSP, and non-linear on the Avid Newscutter. I learned how to work under intense pressure and time constraints. While I really appreciate and value the experience, I soon realized that news wasnt where I wanted to be. ($8/hr)

Freelance Editor / ENG Camera (6/94 3/96)

Ford Motor Company, KTP  Louisville, KY

Challenging and rewarding two-year contract to document construction of the $650M Commercial Light Truck expansion. Responsibilities included ENG coverage of large-scale, heavy-industrial excavation, construction, and tooling of the 3,000,000 sq. ft. facility. Cut monthly reports on video which included aerial shots, track and dolly shots, and time-lapse footage. Complete post-production responsibilities from script to screen with music bed and professional v/o describing construction progress, recent tooling installations, and projections for completion. Finished by producing a music video How to Build a Truck which featured a closing highway shot of 25 F-350s which was shown at the North American Dealers Conference in Toronto. I learned how to work effectively and diplomatically in the most severe environment, and how to work closely with those at the executive level to determine project vision and requirements. ($15-$25/hr)

Technical Director (6/92 6/94)

WJYL-26  Louisville, KY

My first job in the industry. I learned to operate a studio camera, and moved into directing my second year helping produce a one-hour live talk show. I couldnt have asked for a better experience with my first job in the industry-- the thrills and terror of live Television. ($5-$10/hr)

Show Credits Include

  • American Bankers Association
  • Barnes and Noble
  • BMW (The New 7 Series Ride & Drive Launch, 2002)
  • Brooks and Dunn 'LIVE'
  • Comptel (keynote by Sen. John Glenn,  and Goo Goo Dolls LIVE)
  • Days Inn Intl Franchisees Conf. (keynote by former president George Bush)
  • ExxonMobil (C.O.R.S. 2002)
  • ESPN 2 (IHRA Nationals)
  • Freightliner
  • Ford Finance (Awards Dinner at Universal Studios)
  • Ford Motor Co. (2yr $650M CLT Expansion Documentation & Training)
  • General Motors (2000 S.E. Dealers Conf.)
  • GlaxoSmithKlien
  • IBM (Summit 2001)
  • Infocomm '99 (Keynote by Dick Clark)
  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (2001 Annual Meeting)
  • Kinkos (2002 Kickoff)
  • Kodak (Advantix Launch)
  • Microsoft (TechEd2000)
  • N.A.R.M. 2001(Hosted by Casey Kasem, with Blue Man Group and Rod Stewart 'LIVE')
  • National Football League (2002 Annual Meeting)
  • Phoenix 150th Anniversary (keynote by Hugh Downs)
  • Quiznos Subs (2000 Franchisees Conference)
  • Remax (2002 International Conference)
  • Rentway (1999 Sales Conference)
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Starlight Intl. (keynote by Robert Wagner)
  • Stevie Wonder 'LIVE'
  • Tony Robbins Personal Power Conference
  • Universal Studios (Men in Black- Alien Attack Charity Fundraiser)


New Albany High School     English, Computer Science, 1990      New Albany, IN

Indiana University                 Communications, 1992                       New Albany, IN


AVHQ Dallas                         Mr. Rich Donovan                       rdonovan@avhq.com

Dench's Video Services       Mr. Tim Dench                                       (502) 239-0229

Hi-Tech Full Circle                 Mr. Rodney Brannon    rbrannon@hitechfullcircle.com

OnStage                          Mr. Roger E. Latta, Jr.               rlatta@m2onstage.com

Mac Productions                  Mr. Jim Keene                               jkeene@mac-av.com


After graduating high school in 1990, I decided to pursue a degree in Communications from Indiana University. My parents were both alumni, and IU ranks in the top twenty nationally. It's a great place to grow and learn.

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